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Domaine de Lafage

Article: July 2018


Region : South West

Appellation : AOC Coteaux du Quercy

Winemaker : Kevin Barbet

Area : 13 hectares

Grape varieties : 50% Cabernet Franc, 25% Merlot, 25% Cot (Malbec)

Climate : Oceanic-continental

Label : Organic farming

       In Biodynamics without label since 28  years

Label Bio

The Coteaux du Quercy appellation

This young, still little-known AOC has  was created in 2011. However, wine has been made there since antiquity! It extends over the Lot and the Tarn-et-Garonne, between Cahors and Montauban and includes 400 hectares of vines. Oceanic-continental climate  and clay-limestone soils have allowed  grape varieties typical of the Southwest, to find a welcoming terroir.  The main  grape variety is Cabernet Franc but we also cultivate Merlot, Tannat, a little Gamay, not to mention  the Cot (Malbec), near Cahors obliges! The region marks the end of the Massif Central and the beginning of the Toulouse plains. The relief is there  hilly, allowing a healthy drainage of the vines.

The domain

Kevin Barbet, took over the estate in 2015 by combining tradition and renewal . Domaine de Lafage was created by Bernard Bouyssou and his father in the 1970s in a farming spirit. The vine is exploited there, but also a herd of cows and other cultures. They sell wine, grape juice but also good steaks, sunflower oil or plum brandy! The idea of the estate is to diversify its activity, even if 90% of the work still remains in the vines. 13 hectares of vines are cultivated around the farm in one piece. In addition to the savings in travel and energy, this makes it possible to have 13 real hectares in biodynamics, without the influence of neighboring treatments. Kevin Barbet has also breathed new life into the range of wines: Cuvée plot, single varietal or even without added sulfur . The names of the wines have been revised around the theme of the cards: the Excuse, the Trump, the Small, the Suite… Connoisseurs will understand that this is the Tarot! Last novelty of the year 2020: The 21 (the strongest hand in the game). After long aging in barrels, this unique vintage made from an old grape variety  will wake up  your taste buds! It is a blend of  from 90% Tannat (rare in such a proportion) and 10% Cabernet Franc. The tannins are s

The design of the domain labels  has also been redesigned, in a "watercolor" style. Three themes are omnipresent in his designs: Nature, the Stars and Man: A deeply biodynamic wine!

Kevin Barbet
Fleurs de Vigne
Domaine de Lafage
Blonde d'Aquitaine du domaine Lafage
Kevin Babet devant ses vignes
Kevin Barbe devant ses cuves inox
Les roses alertent en amont la survenance de maladies
Les vignes du Domaine Lafage au printemps 2018


Worried about how  taken conventional agriculture, Bernard Bouyssou decided in 1990 to convert Domaine de Lafage to organic, then to  biodynamics . It is in this spirit that cows make their appearance. They occupy a central place in biodynamics by producing the manure necessary for the nutritional preparation of the vines. T he Lafage estate stands out from many other biodynamic estates  because it is a real independent farm : Bovine biodynamic preparations are directly produced on site . You can also buy good steak there (organic, of course!).

In 2015, Kevin Barbet  takes over the estate while continuing this farm spirit  biodynamic and  bringing a new wind to it with a new range of plot wines (from selected plots and grape varieties), new vats  and a new cellar.


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