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Domaine Philippe Gilbert

Article: June 2018

Francois Leupe

The Ménétou-Salon appellation

The AOC took the name of the village of Menetou-Salon in the Loire Valley center department, 20km north-east of Bourges. The soils are dominated by Kimmeridgian limestone which comes from the sea that covered the region 150 million years ago . There are many fossils and white limestones which give all the minerality to the wines of the region. 

The vine has been exploited since medieval times (11th century) and is known for its white wines, 100% Sauvignon blanc , but it also knows how to use Pinots Noir with great success, giving fine and light red wines, close to its neighbors. of Burgundy. 500 hectares of vines are cultivated there on the AOC.

Label Biodyvin
Label Bio
Domaine Philippe Gilbert
Vignes au printemps
Bar le Fluteau
Village de Menetou-Salon
Cheval de trait au labour
Cheval de trait au labour
Philippe Gilbert à gauche et Francois Leupe à droite


Philippe Gilbert, accompanied by François Leupe (in blue sweater below)  have been working their vines in Biodynamics since 2006 .  The conversion was carried out in order to enhance the soil and the plant, in order to give the grapes of the best quality. The result is sublime in white,  as in red!

The vineyard is grassed and occasional weeding is carried out  on certain plots with the help of  draft horses . This allows precision work without settling the soil . The earth is airy and alive, allowing a good balance of microbial life. The harvest is manual , allowing a selection of the best  grapes. More broadly, the work of  Winegrowers are passionate and this shows in their wines which are fresh, precise, with a beautiful aromatic palette.

The climate is continental-oceanic ,  with hot days  and  cool nights allowing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grape varieties to express their best assets. However, the region had a difficult year in 2016 with an episode of hail  which destroyed 90% of the harvest of Domaine Philippe Gilbert. The few grapes that resisted  gave  an astonishing wine, tannic, with aromas  concentrated, resembling  a southern wine ( Philippe Gilbert Domaine 2016 - 100% Pinot Noir  : a Pinot Noir like you've never tasted  !). The 2017 vintage has  Fortunately, it was a good year for the region, producing balanced wines typical of the Menetou terroir  ( Philippe Gilbert Domaine 2017 - 100% Sauvignon Blanc)  and ( Philippe Gilbert Les Renardières 2014 - 100% Pinot Noir ).

Carte Menetou-Salon

Winemaker : Philippe Gilbert

Area : 32 hectares

Grape varieties : 50% Pinot noir, 50% Sauvignon Blanc

Climate : Oceanic-continental

Labels : Demeter, Biodyvin and Organic farming

Region : Loire

Appellation : AOC Menetou-Salon

The domain

The Gilbert family has been operating the estate since 1768. The estate covers 32 hectares,  with an average age of the vines around 35 years . The Gilbert family also participates in the animation of the village of Menetou-Salon with the opening of the Fluteau (photo opposite). First an annex to the estate, it has  been transformed into a wine bar since 2013 and allows to present the estate and its wines, around cold meats in a decor  genuine and warm.


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