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Domaine de Lafage - Le 21

Domaine de Lafage - Le 21


The 21 is the strongest hand in tarot. It is also the most refined and successful wine of Domaine de Lafage. Kevin Barbet finally releases the first vintage of this new flagship wine  with an unusual grape variety: Le Tannat. These grapes give tannic wines,  robust and fresh. This variety is among all the richest in polyphenol, an anti-oxidant, beneficial for the cardiovascular system!  In order to temper  the power of Tannat, Kevin Barbet associated it with  10% Cabernet Franc, to give it more  roundness. A period of 30 months in oak barrels allows the tannins to soften.

In glass, its color is dark and garnet. On the palate, it exudes powerful tannins, aromas of black fruits, tobacco and spices.  Oxygenation in a carafe is recommended. Its design also makes it possible to make an excellent wine for laying down.

A superb wine to match  with a piece of beef or game.

  • Details:

    - Appellation: Vin de France

    - Grape variety: 90% Tannat, 10%  Cabernet Franc

    - Soil: Clay and Limestone

    - Harvest: Manual

    - Aging: Barrel 30 months

    - Alcohol: 14%

    - Total sulphites (So2): 50mg / L

    -Labels: Organic Agriculture

  • Estate detail

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