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Mas del Périé

Article: June 2018

Carte AOC Cahors

Region : South West

Appellation : AOC Cahors

Winemaker : Fabien Jouves

Size : 13  hectares

Grape varieties : Mablec (Cot), Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Jurançon noir, Noual blanc

Climate : Oceanic-Continental

Labels : Demeter and Organic farming

The Cahors appellation

Located west of Cahors in the Lot department, Cahors wines are renowned for their  dark and intense color, but above all their power with present tannins  and aromas of black fruits. However, some winegrowers more recently cultivate Malbec, with more lightness giving wines very focused on red fruits. 

The AOC Cahors requires a minimum of 70% of the king grape:  Malbec (or Cot). Other grape varieties can be blended there: Merlot, Tannat ...

The landscape is steep, with limestone cliffs and on the high plateau are the vines which grow on very hard limestone soils mixed with clay. This limestone comes from the Kimmeridgian, a period when a sea covered part of "France of other times", 150 million years ago ...

The domain

Located between Cahors and Montcuq (pronounce the Q;)  on the steep plateaus of limestone causses, Fabien Jouves took over the family estate  in 2006 in the village of Trespoux. Trained as an oenologist and winemaker, he now cultivates 17 hectares in the Cahors appellation which have been converted to organic and then biodynamic. Very quickly, he developed his terroir by vinifying separately the different plots that he references according to the soil: clay, limestone, brown marl but also, the age of the vines, or  their exposure. It thus offers a beautiful range of wines very focused on the fruit, which are sold all over the world! 


Fabien Jouves has been practicing biodynamics since 2011: Respect for lunar and astral cycles, preparation of fertilizers  base of cow dung and horn, nettle teas ... Grassing of plots is also widely used  in order to revitalize soil life and regulate excess water, particularly in spring. Fabien sows herbs between the rows of vines that will help aerate the soil and lodge a virtuous microbial life.

The harvest is manual allowing the best selection of grapes. 

Logo Demeter
Logo Biodyvin
Village de Trespoux
Fabien Jouve, Mas del périé
Les cuves inox du domaine Mas del périé
La cave du domaine Mas del périé
Grappe de raisin en formation
Vignoble la roque
Irrigation de jeunes vignes sur une nouvelle parcelle
Label Biodyvin


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