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Domaine Fabrice Gasnier - The rosé 2017

Domaine Fabrice Gasnier - The rosé 2017


The rosé comes from young Cabernet Franc plants and also bears the Chinon appellation!  a  rosé "the class"

It is is a direct pressing wine with a salmon pink color. It is lively, refreshing,  with citrus aromas. Ideal for your long summer evenings.

  • Details:

    - Appellation: AOC Chinon

    - Grape variety: Cabernet Franc

    - Age of vines: 30  years on average

    - Ground: Pebbles

    - Rosé: Direct pressing

    - Harvest: Manual

    - Aging: 100% in  concrete tank

    - Alcohol: 12.5%

    - Total So2: 40mg / L

    -Labels: Organic Agriculture, Demeter (biodynamic)

  • Detail of the Estate:

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